Giving Options

Your generosity helps BCRF to make an impact in our community through the ministries of our church!! Each Sunday, ten percent (10%) of our offering will go into a designated account for local and global mission and outreach. We believe that giving back a portion of what God has already given to us is an act of worship. However, we will not have a designated offering time during our corporate worship service because we never want someone to feel pressured or obligated to give to our church or embarrassed if they are unable to do so. Here are the ways that you can give your offering or tithe to Blue Ridge Community Fellowship:

Each Sunday an offering basket/box will be available for in person giving. Please make checks payable to Blue Ridge Community Fellowship.
Church Center App

Click Here to give directly and securely now.

You may also search for Blue Ridge Community Fellowship and our logo in Church Center. Once you register for the app you can give directly to our church through the app. Download the Church Center app from the App Store for Apple phones, and the Google Play Store for Android phones.
Text-to Give
You can give to Blue Ridge Community Fellowship by texting any amount to 84321.

All donations are tax-deductible. Giving statements will be made available at the end of the year to all people who give financially to our church. Thank you for your generosity and desire to partner with Blue Ridge Community Fellowship!!