Matt Schell

Senior and Planting Pastor

I was born in Newborn, Georgia—a small, rural town that is located about 50 miles east of Atlanta. Sports have always been a passion of mine. God used sports to bring me to Clemson University in 1998 to play football. Clemson is where I met my wife, Annie, and later graduated in 2001.

I went on to law school and practiced law in Greenville, South Carolina for 8 years. While practicing law in Greenville, God miraculously opened my eyes and awakened me to the reality of Jesus Christ. The LORD gave me a hunger and passion at that time for seeing people awakened spiritually. My family and I later moved from Greenville to Wilmore Kentucky, where I finished my Master of Divinity studies and graduated from Asbury Seminary.

Since becoming a pastor, our family has lived in many different places. Most recently we lived and served in Selma, Alabama for several years. In hindsight, I believe God has moved us around so that we could meet and learn from lots of incredible people—many of whom are from places all around the world. The LORD wanted us to see and experience the many unique ways God’s people worship and connect with Him.

God has given me a heart for diversity. He has taught me so much in the most unlikely ways and from the most unlikely people. God has allowed me to taste and experience the vastness, beauty and diversity of the Kingdom of God—and I want to share that gift with others.

Annie and I are so grateful for the opportunity plant Blue Ridge Community Fellowship with so many amazing families and friends. To God be the Glory!

William Swindle

Pastor and Worship Ministry Leader

I am honored to serve on staff alongside Matt Schell as a Pastor of Blue Ridge Community Fellowship. The Lord led me to partner with Pastor Matt and Blue Ridge after a previous 17 years serving on staff at a large church here in Oconee County. Over that time I served in various positions as Outreach/Missions Pastor, Care Pastor, and also ministered as Worship Leader.

God called me into ministry in my early 20’s when He asked me one simple question during a motorcycle accident. Through the noise and scariness of crashing a 900cc Honda sportbike at about 50mph He spoke audibly. He said “Do you want to see Jesus, or tell people about Him?” I decided to tell people about Him!

Shortly after I healed from the broken bones and wounds, I moved to TX. I attended and graduated from Emmaus Road School of Ministry, and was given an internship/residency at a Southern Baptist church in Fort Worth, TX. During that time, the Lord opened doors for me to travel as a singer/songwriter with our band called “One Man’s Love”. I learned a lot about life and the Lord while traveling most of each year living out of a tour bus, vans, and airplanes as we saw thousands of people come to faith in Jesus. The Evangelist I worked with, Dave Roever, was a great mentor and influence in my life (along with powerful men of God that taught me in the ministry school and church such as John Wimber, James Robison, Rick Joyner, Jack Deere, Peter Lord, Lee Shaw, Paul Cain, Jack Taylor, TD and Dudley Hall, Leonard Ravenhill, and others).

After about two years, God called me to stop traveling, and plant a non-denominational church in Aurora, IL. (a Chicago suburb) along with my parents, sister, and her husband.

I am originally an Arkansas native, but the Lord has led me to live in SC, TX, and IL also at various points in my life. Thankfully Aurora, IL is where I met my wife Sarah, when she began attending the church we had planted there. We have two sons who are now grown men. Time flies!

Saying “Yes” to the Lord has given me many years of experience as a Pastor in various positions in multiple churches. I love pastoring, and am also passionate about leading people to worship God through songs and music. I have seen the Lord deliver, save, heal, and do other great miracles many times, and I believe God for more! Awakening and revival are at our threshold. Over the years, God has given me opportunities to minister in diverse groups of people, and allowed me to be involved in ministry with multiple churches and ministries in the USA and other countries such as Kenya, Malawi, and Liberia Africa, Haiti, and Mexico.

Sarah and I are honored to help lead Blue Ridge in our calling as a New Testament church. My heart is simply to love and care for people from all walks of life, and to point them to Jesus Christ, unity, and life in His kingdom any way I can.

Leslie Hall

Financial, HR, Administration, Intercession, Flex

Valerie Marshall

Blue Ridge Kidz Ministry Director

Valerie Marshall is our Blue Ridge Kidz Director. As someone who grew up around church ministry her entire life, she has a real heart and vision for the children of Blue Ridge. She graduated from Bible college in 2016, and now as a mother of two herself, she has insight and a passion for making Christ a reality to the children of Blue Ridge. We love every child that comes through our doors, and we are excited to have a leader for them that shares the same love. Here at Blue Ridge we know the importance of raising up children in the Lord and the power that comes from them learning to hear His voice and walk in obedience. If your children become involved in our children’s ministry, you can be sure that Valerie and our BR Kidz volunteers will be covering you and your family in prayer.

Nikki Kelley

Admin, Kingdom Groups, Social Media, Flex

Darrell and Stephanie Fitzgerald

Oversight Team

KT Terry

Pastor of Youth and Young Adults

I was born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. During my middle-school years, I wholeheartedly gave my life to Christ and deeply felt the call to ministry.  I graduated from the University of North Carolina and soon after, began my vocational call to ministry. Over the years, I have served as a youth pastor, young-adult pastor, Young Life staff, and senior pastor.

Later in my call, I received a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. While in Seminary, I had the unique opportunity to be involved in the film and television industry, which was my major at UNC. God used this opportunity to prepare me for a 7 year career in the Christian Film world.

I have been happily married for over 22 years to my wife (and best friend) Kandace. We have 3 children who are highly active in sports, music, theater and church. We are incredibly honored to be part of the Blue Ridge team and love serving our church family. We have a passion to see people joyfully experience the reality of Jesus and life in His Kingdom!

Frank and Shirley Harvey

Oversight Team

Mark and Nell Alverson

Oversight Team

Ski and Leslie Hall

Oversight Team